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Why Should I Choose Dermal Fillers?

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Anti-aging treatments are becoming more commonly accessible as a more significant number of effective treatments are becoming available. Dermal fillers are one of the most widely used anti-aging treatments available. However, what exactly do dermal fillers do, and why should you use them? 

We at Encore Medspa are a medical spa staffed with leading expert dermal filler providers. And this is our guide on why you should use dermal fillers. 

How Could Dermal Fillers Help You?

Aging is inevitable, but no one wants it. It’s a natural part of life, but it’s not something we’d like to happen. We always want to be young and beautiful for the rest of our lives. However, the sad reality is that aging is unavoidable.

We are all aware that the aging process begins on the inside. Changes in hormones and other chemical processes in the body cause the skin to age. Skin cells are no longer as flexible as they once were, and their ability to revitalize quickly enough for us to maintain a youthful appearance begins to wane.

You could perhaps slow it down by leading a healthier lifestyle, but what if you’re already showing the effects of aging? You’ll have to resort to cosmetic treatments to solve this problem. Thankfully, cosmetic procedures no longer imply surgery.

You can reclaim your youth with just a few injections, and that’s how dermal fillers can help you. 

What Are Dermal Fillers Exactly?

Dermal fillers are substances used solely for cosmetic purposes and inserted into the skin to fill fine lines and folds.

Dermal fillers are typically made with hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the human body; however, many other dermal filler ingredients are easily accessible. Dermal fillers are injectable substances that can penetrate the skin and promote natural growth and repair processes within the body. These growth and healing factors gradually rejuvenate the skin, giving it the appearance of being more youthful and vibrant in the process.

Dermal fillers can improve the appearance of various facial characteristics, including plumping thin lips, reducing wrinkles around the mouth, and improving the appearance of other facial features. 

What is there not to like about having access to these benefits without surgery?

More Reasons Why You Should Consider Dermal Fillers

When there are other non-invasive treatment options, there is no reason even to consider dermal fillers. Microneedling, chemical peels, and Botox are just a few examples of effective anti-aging treatments that can be used to delay the appearance of age-related skin changes. 

Still, dermal fillers can also provide several benefits. These advantages include the following:

Effectively Reducing Fine Lines And Wrinkles

Wrinkles are one of the most common complaints people have about getting older. Our skin loses elasticity as we age, which indicates it will no longer bounce back into position when we make a facial expression. This is how wrinkles and fine lines form.

Dermal fillers can effectively fill lines and hollows left by folded skin by replenishing moisture and collagen. It will leave your face looking softer, smoother, younger, and moisturized.

Contours Your Face

Dermal fillers can temporarily alter your facial shape and structure in areas such as the cheek and jaw, giving your face a more contoured appearance. Although one might think this is unnecessary, it is very effective because as we age, the skin on our faces and necks loses its elasticity and begins to sag.

Consequently, open spots might show up, and the structure that makes a face distinctive might wane. These areas are going to be injected with a filler material, which will add volume and replace the collagen that has been lost.

Natural Aesthetics

When applied by properly trained specialists, dermal fillers will give the appearance of being completely natural and will be completely undetectable. That is not to say that dermal fillers won’t be able to offer you a result; instead, it simply means that your fillers will be perfectly proportioned to your face and symmetrical to look as natural as is humanly possible. 

For example, cheek augmentations that look unnatural or asymmetrical would be those that add too much volume to one side of the face compared to the other.

No Downtime

Since dermal fillers do not require surgery, getting them injected is a simple process that can be done even in the middle of a hectic day. You won’t need to spend days resting or recovering from your injuries. Instead, you can immediately resume your normal activities and get back on track after treatment.

What To Expect In A Dermal Filler Treatment

The dermal filler procedure is a non-invasive process that can be completed quickly in the office. It won’t take too long, and you’ll be able to resume your usual schedule as soon as you leave the clinic.

However, if you’re interested in learning more, here’s what you can anticipate from the treatment: 


The first step would be to find the right dermal filler provider and schedule an appointment. Check out their prior clients’ testimonials and before and after photos.

Do not be afraid to be cautious, and besides, this is your body. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

During your consultation, your practitioner will review the treatment regimen with you. You can also talk about your objectives and ask questions if you have any. They may also inquire about your medical history to see if you have allergies.

Treatment Process

Finally, we get down to business with the treatment. It’s a relatively simple process.

Your provider will start with cleaning the area and applying local anesthetics. Following that, your provider will inject dermal fillers into your skin in a series of injections. After that, you’ll notice that your face puffs up, but it’ll go away the next day.

Don’t worry; the plumpness will dissipate as the body absorbs it. 

Collagen begins to grow and fill the skin after a few weeks, giving you a plump, firm, vibrant, and youthful appearance.


Dermal fillers have many practical applications that you can use for your aesthetic goals. So if you are interested in this treatment, do not hesitate to contact us and drop by our clinic, Encore MedSpa. We offer various services that can help address skin concerns and fulfill aesthetic goals. 

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