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What are the best laser hair removal steps followed by Medspas?

Laser hair removal treatment for upper lip in Pleasanton, CA & Walnut Creek, CA | Encore MedSpa

Nothing is more annoying than hair that doesn’t belong there. You sometimes want to get rid of painful waxing and frequent hair removal sessions for good. Don’t you?

If this is the case, it’s time for you to look on the bright side. At Encore MedSpa, you can get rid of unwanted hair for good with laser hair removal. This hair removal method is prevalent worldwide and leaves your skin smooth, hair-free, and glowing all year long! 

But first, you need to learn everything you can about this popular way to get rid of hair that is easy, safe, and cheap.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is another way to remove hair on different body parts, like shaving and waxing. But those methods only work for a short time and can even be dangerous. 

On the other hand, laser treatment for hair removal gives long-lasting results and is done by skilled doctors with an eye for detail. When you use a laser to get rid of hair, it takes care of several skin problems, like hair that grows back quickly and ways to get rid of hair that are painful and old-fashioned. 

This method permanently removes unwanted hair on the body by using a laser device over a few sessions that vary from person to person. The laser device sends pulses of laser light toward the skin in this method. When the pulses hit the skin, they hit the hair follicles and kill the cells.

Encore MedSpa Laser Hair Removal

At Encore MedSpa, we use the most advanced laser technology approved by the FDA to get rid of unwanted hair. We have two different lasers to treat different kinds of skin. 

Our doctors and nurses want to ensure that your treatment is safe, comfortable, and effective. Before a series of Laser Hair Removal treatments, you can get a free consultation to discuss your needs. For best results, you should get 6–8 treatments. Prices depend on the size and number of areas being treated. 

The first steps and getting ready

Again, choosing a board-certified doctor in a specialty like plastic surgery is essential. Before laser hair removal, your doctor will probably look at your medical history and talk to you about the risks, benefits, and what to expect. 

This is to figure out if laser hair removal is a good choice for you. Before your first laser hair removal session, you should wait at least four to six weeks before waxing or plucking your hair. 

These things temporarily remove hair follicles and roots, which is what laser treatment tries to do. Shaving is okay because it cuts the hair but doesn’t hurt the hair follicles. Shaving is recommended 24 hours before treatment so that the laser can find hair follicles more quickly. Hair stubble can get burned during the laser process, making the pain worse.

What to expect during the process

You may be able to get a topical anesthetic right before the laser procedure to help make the treatment less painful. This is put on 20–30 minutes before the laser procedure and is best for sensitive areas like the bikini line and underarm.

You will usually be given eye protection, and the laser equipment will be where the skin is, how thick it is, and what color it is. Lastly, you may put a cold gel on the skin or a particular cooling device to protect the skin’s surface and reduce side effects.

During the laser process, pulses of light will be on the treated area, which may feel slightly uncomfortable. This has been described as a warm pinprick or a light rubber band snapping against the skin.

The first treatment usually hurts more than the others. The laser process can take a few minutes to an hour, depending on where the treatment is done. Once the procedure is over, you may be given lotion, anti-inflammatory cream, or ice packs to help with any pain.

After the operation and recovery

After a few hours, it’s typical for the area of the skin to be red and warm. People have said it feels like a mild sunburn and that cold packs and moisturizers can help. You could put on makeup the next day if your face is treated.

Over the next month, places with a lot of sun should use sunscreen, and as much sun as possible should be avoided.


During the treatment, hair follicles hit by the laser can take a few days to a few weeks to fall out. Hairs don’t just fall out, and the process of shedding can sometimes look like hair growth. 

Results vary from person to person, possibly because of hair thickness, density, or location.

Laser hair removal can slow hair growth for months to years, but it doesn’t usually get rid of hair for good. However, it’s a more permanent solution than shaving or waxing. 

You need several sessions to target the hair growth cycle’s different stages. Usually, 4–10, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. After these sessions, you may need a few maintenance sessions a year to keep the results going.

Post-care Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal works well on all the most common body parts, like the bikini line, back, legs, arms, upper lip, and face. It stops hair growth as expected as long as the patient does what the professionals tell them to do. 

Cool packs and ice are ideal for eliminating minor redness or pain in the treated areas. Use sunscreen and stay out of the dust and sun as much as possible to protect your skin.

You can also wear loose clothes and don’t put on makeup until your skin feels normal to reduce irritation after treatment.

So, if you want FDA-approved laser hair removal, go to Encore MedSpa. We have cutting-edge technology and equipment at an affordable Laser Hair Removal Cost. Contact us anytime or book an appointment here on our site! 

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